Sunday, February 14, 2010

Ok, enough with the snow already - I'm not even a skier...or a snowman builder!
This is my backyard fence..and my neighbor's fence... Pretty but...??

And this is my butterfly bush....again, it's pretty's not really supposed to be

And this mess down below?? THIS is why I froze with no electricity and no heat and no hot tea or coffee for 1 full day  and no INTERNET...for two days.  That's one story shed the dang tree is leaning against and those 2 "sticks" they are each 1/2 of the branch...I am soooo buying a chain saw this summer. 

OK! The groundhog was right - 6 more weeks of winter...and probably 10 weeks of piles of dirty snow.... Please God, could we have spring right now?? Your friend in Penna....frozen stiff...