Monday, January 9, 2012

2012 & My Cat Collecting Continues

My friend, Danna Crawford, aka Powerselling Mom, posted this blog on PracticalEcommerce - 100 Top - Interesting eBay Categories.  And I don't disagree with her that those are interesting. In fact I found one I never really looked for on eBay - Immigration Lists  that one is fascinating to me because I do Genealogy - can't find anyone I'm related too but found some of my inlaws and outlaws relatives.

I was wondering about some of the other categories on Danna's list so I think I'll explore them over the next few months and share here... But meanwhile, I've continued to add to my "cat collection" but these were two real cats - feral kittens who are now learning how much trouble there is to get into INSIDE the house.  Here are the "Whippersnappers of Levittown"  - 2 girl princess cats

This is Whipper - she's the smaller one..but feisty - except with me. She   hates me...

This is Snapper - the bolder braver one... she only likes me when I have food or a toy in my hand.
tThey join the "Boys" - the Vice Presidents

So, you know I've been busy - the girls are only about 6 mos old now and we've only had them inside since Mid-December.  Lots of learning going on..and now I need all those tabby cat statues, postcards, pictures, art work etc. that I used to be able to pass up.

See you next week, meanwhile in comments post which categories of Danna's blogpost you like best and we can explore them!