Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Car Goes to the Thriftshop!

You won't know this because I haven't posted in so blessed long but the flu has been here creating havoc with my little household. I had it first and seem to be recovering with help from the Dr.  Now DH has it ....and won't go to the doctor or take he's suffering.  

Yesterday I decided I'd go to the store and get some soup and the stuff for beef stew (stew veggies..we have NO fresh anything at the moment). BUT the car insisted on going to the Thrift Shop first. So I went along for the ride.

The glass, pottery, home goods section has been dismal for weeks but I got 2 Corning pieces (which I think I'm keeping) a small sauce pan and a small frying pan type thing and a blue glass tray I have to identify (light blue something Indiana I think) but pretty.

No crafty things...POOH.  so headed to the men's shirts, got 2 Hawaiian, one with surfboards instead of flowers and 2 HARD ROCK CAFE tee shirts and three women's brand name shirts - all smaller sizes but good condition for like $3.99  each so I'm gonna put them on THE AMAZON (my new mannequin) and take pictures and sell them.  Clothes are a new area for me. I'm so not a fashionista but I find such nice things and want MY customers to have them.

I love thrift-shopping, auctions, fleamarkets and will be writing more about what to buy and where and how and when.