Saturday, July 30, 2011

We've been on hiatus but we're back

Do you know that feeling...the one where you know  you SHouLD do something but you just can't make yourself?? Well I have that feeling about blogging...I like writing, I just don't want to do it on a "schedule" so I tend to keep putting it this instance for like 5 months. BUT I'm back, and I'm going to tray to be more faithful here.

So stay tuned... come back in a day or so and bring a friend...

Meanwhile,  you waant to make a collection - find the other 27 Rock/Music stars who died too young and collect their's not just this generation that's done that. It's a long and infamous history... see who you can find..

And if you want a great read?? Gather up the First Editions of this series and read it in sequence... I am on Book Five and love it!! (and I sure hope book 6 doesn't take  years..)

#Fire and Ice  Book 1