Saturday, March 28, 2009

Spring is in the air and so are the NCAA Elite 8 and Final Four

Sports collectibles - a great, wide category and it's amazing how many people have "sports" colletibles of one type or another.

The compulsive collector here, has or has had:
autographed baseballs
baseball cards
signed magazines with baseball or other sports superstars autographs

I have Hallmark ornments from Basketball, Football and Baseball - but I stopped collecting them long ago cause the Christmas tree was overloaded. but that brings up another category. Sports-oriented Christmas ornaments.

Then there's actual sports equipment - golf clubs, signed baseball bats, game worn uniform parts - professional or college

There's major league and minor league, there's programs, ticket stubs, You get the idea.

Well over the next couple of days I will feature and talk about some and about "what I know" about collecting them. (not as much as some other stuff but some things)

So stay tuned sports fans, the game's about to begin. ! Get your hot dog, your beverage of choice and settle in for a good one.!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

More about Arkham House Books

You might remember a couple of weeks ago I posted a quick blog about some books I was listing, that my husband collected for a while. They were published by Arkham House. They sold quite well and I'm listing a few more I came upon. (yes out in a field like buttercups.. Just happened on them. {smile}

So I figured, not only would I blog about the ones I'm selling but I would tell you a bit more about the company and their "niche market" while I was at it. So, forthwith - (or as my 5 yrold nephew says...Here we go Aunt Beth!)

Arkham House
First of all, Arkham House is still in business publishing books today. But many of their publication runs are very limited, especially those from the early years. Some books were published in quantities of 500 or LESS!

Moreover, they aren't sold in the chain book stores or "mass market" books stores. They are sold only by catalog by mail and on venues like eBay or Amazon by knowledgeable or just plain lucky booksellers.

The company was formed in 1937, when August Derleth, a close friend of H.P. Lovecraft had passed away and he wanted to publish a collection of Lovecraft's stories. After two years of rejection letters, he and Donald Wandrei published the collection himself under the name Arkham House.

So they are now in business for 70 years + and have over 230 titles published. Here are the Arkham House listings on eBay.
I have two reference books, that hubby bought when he was collecting these. They are

Here are my Arkham House listings that end tomorrow -

Later today, I will return with a list of titles and some other info. So hold on and come back shortly.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

eBetsy and eBayiana & TALK ABOUT SHOES?!!!

So last night was the Premere episode of a new, internet radio show I'm doing with Kat Simpson of (on ebay AND Amazon And Bonanzle under that id) and we interviewed and were entertained by the well-known ebayer - eBetsy of "Around the eBay World in 80 Seconds" fame.

eBetsy, besides being a trading assistant for a jewelry line, also sells for herself in partnership with her husband Jon. They sell under the monjott id and concentrate on Converse (shoes normally but right now she has some amazing Converse jackets) and also ebayiana.

Now first, I have to tell you that I'm soooooooooooooooooo jealous. This team has 10,000 pairs of Converse shoes. And she has some aluminum display pieces for Converse shoes. I just can't imagine owning 10,000 pairs of any kind of shoes. MY husband would be soooooo not understanding. LOL

eBetsy is also a ebayiana dealer - she's gotten some neat ebay memorabilia on ebay itself. Every seen an ebay skydiving helmet? Me either. And she has Meg Whitman's Nasdaq Dinosaur from when eBay became a publicly traded company. She won that on a charity auction.

The other thing this amazng person does is write reviews of books. On eBay in the Reviews section. BUT the qualifying factor is, the book has to have an eBay mention in it. And she's got over 100 of those!

I mentioned she's a trading assistant too. Check this out: acquisator's Stuff For Sale: It's a line of designer jewelry. And her client has helped her find some "shoe" charms which sort of works in with her Converse theme, dontcha know!

Here are her links:
Our Stuff For Sale (monjott): (i have to replace the linkes because of new ebay policies - Stand by)My eBay Blog:

My eBay Reviews & Guides:

This ia great episode on wsradio which they gave eBetsy to celebrate her birthday. ! Listen and enjoy it. I sure did.
eBetsy Radio

Taking You Around The World On eBay In 80 Seconds With eBetsy