Sunday, December 20, 2009

Collectible China Rolling Pins by Harker

A couple of weeks ago, I listed a china rolling pin on ebay, that had been hanging in my cabinet for years. I thought it was Harker but wasn't sure. Well in good time, someone came along on ebay and identified it for me. And in the conversation, I found out he collects Harker Rolling pins, so I asked for pictures. Aren't these just great??

He told me he has 65 of them. I'm so jealous. I always liked these and have never seen some of the ones he's pictured here. I think the one I sold was #68 in the top picture.  Hopefully, he'll come back and show us more later.

The only thing I could find on Amazon was this Pfaltzgraff version but I'm still looking so check back later.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Skateboards? Who Knew they were so collectible?

Surely not me - I tried my son's way back when (when I was at least 14 years younger. Darn near broke my neck... LOL but check out these 
Skateboard collection-

I wonder what's on ebay? I'd put a link but they don't allow me to make EPN money with it any more so..happy hunting (check SPORTS Equipment)

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Easton Press Masterpieces of Science Fiction

This is actually a sort of self-serving post. Myhusband collected this entire series of books, along with many others in Easton Press's 100 Greatest Books series and also some from the Greatest Fantasy (I forget the correct phrasing but the same concept - the most important, influential books in Fantastical literature)

Like the rest of the world, we've been forced to liquidate things we'd have preferred to keep and the Masterpieces of Science Fiction is the latest "lamb" on that altar.

So let me tell you , in case you don't know, just a little about these books.

First, they are are all First Editions. They faithfully reproduced the First Edition - mistakes and all. BUT they marked them as facisimile first editions. I have only had one idiot get pissed cause he thought he was getting a real first editon. And truthyfully, many times, the Easton Press edition is worth more than the true first.

2. They have beautiful leather bindings with gorgeous blind-stamped gilt decoration.

3. The page ends are all coated in gilt and each book came with a bookplate to be affixed, and a "Collector's Notes" page.

4. The Collector's Notes explains which version of the first edition they used (meaning who owned the one they used to reproduce it) and what the author had going on in his life and his writing at the time it was published. There are folks who just collect these Notes.

5. Some copies of each book included in Easton Presses series are signed by the author. These books are also limited quantities - some particular books are so limited you might not ever get one.

And tomorrow I will be listing the last 10 from my husband's collection - so please bid ifyou're a book collector or if you need a holiday gift for a discriminating book collector.
Here's the link -

If you don't collect books or can't afford to bid, please tweet these

Friday, October 16, 2009

I just found a great site for collectors

I'm always toodling around the net reading articles - I wish I got paid for doing that. BUT tonight I found a website I really love (well it's one of many)

I also like thevintagelist blog but I'll have to get you a link for that.

Go check out the suite101 site! Fiesta - something I have to get busy and drag out of the storage area and list.

List more - sell more - because now I owe Dell more... (a lot more)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Post Cards - a snapshot of when and where and even who

Have you ever gone on vacation and NOT mailed back a post card saying "wish you were here"?? Me either - I always send at least one and ahve since I was in my late teens. My excuse was my little sister. She's 14 years younger than I am so when I went to London as a 21 year old, she was 7. And I could maile 3-4 postcards a week for 1/3 of what a long chatty and basically illegible letter would say to a 7 year old. So I sent her postcards. Knowing her?? She still has them some place.

Likewise when she when on a long roadtrip with a family friend to New Mexico and Colorado?? She sent postcards cause it was less expensive.

Now I'm over 60 but I still send HER a postcard when I go somewhere new - like eBay Live in New Orleans in 2004 and eBay Live in Chicago in 2008. (the only two places I've gone lately.)

All of which makes me sympathetic to postcard collectors. And from 2004 to now, I've pickedup maybe 2000 post cards at auctions and garage sales. And in line with that, I've been learning more about them. And I'm gonna share some of MY learning and experiences with you here. Please Warned - this is not the bible, it's not carved in stone - different folks, will experience different results.

A Brief History

Postcards started in the late 1800's. At first Congress authorized printing of the cards with the name written on one side and a a picture on the other. There was no stamp and no postage denoted. Then they authorized one that had the name on 1/2 of one side and a message area on the other side and had a square with the note inside "1 ct postage".

Those, continued til 1921 about. They included, personal postcards where people went, got their kids pictures taken and put on a postcard and mailed it to the family and inlaws. Or Newly weds got a photo put on a postcard and sent it home saying Wish you were here.

During WWI for a brief time postage went up to 2 cts. Then back down to 1 ct until 1950.

In that period the post card industry flourished here and abroad. Internationally, people began to collect the "greeting" type cards, like the Halloween postcards or the Christmas ones. Some artists developed a reputation for wonderful art on ostcards, like Clapsaddle, Brundage and Griggs.

Some deveopled a reputation for WEIRD art - like Louis Wain who drew cats but anthormorphised them...His cats were the hoodlums of the postcard world. Wain himself ended his life in an asylum after a mental breakdown and you can clearly see his disintegration over time if you collect enough examples of his art.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Hillary DePiano Blog Tour Questions -

Well I know a good deal when I see it so when I saw Hillary's post about her blog tour in ColderIce's chatroom last week, I jumped on it. ! Hillary kindly agreed to be a guest blogger here and TODAY is the day!!


Now, since I'm knee-deep in "fantasy bras" for the BLING MY BRA fundraiser for the Susan G Komen Foundation, which I'm organizing for October, I decided to start by asking Hillary if she had has regular mammograms, beause Breast Cancer is the #2 killer of women in this country (in February we'll work on the #1 killer)

Here are Hillary's answers -

1. Do you have a mammogram regularly - if not, why not?

I get a mammogram every year. I know how important it is to use preventative maintenance.

2. Do you know anyone who has breast cancer now or had it and recovered?

I do not know anyone who has had breast cancer.

3. If you have a daughter or if you magically inherited one, what would you tell her about breast cancer to make her aware of it as the #2 Killer of women in this country? (or would you tell her? If not, why not?_

My family has a history of skin cancer so while that is a very different animal, we definitely take care to take every precaution possible. I don't have any kids yet and probably won't for a while yet but health education will always be a big part of our family.

NOW, even though I'm consumed by the Bling My Bra campaign right now, not I decided to go check out Hillary's new site Http:// and her blog ROCKS so I figured she'd be a good one to ask these next two questions of, and she didn't disappoint -

4. Completely off-topic, if you were a superhero, WHO would you be?

I've always thought that the most useful superpower would be the ability to pause time like Hiro on Heroes. Then I could simply pause time, get all my work done and then un-pause so that I could enjoy time with my family and friends. It would be great to be able only use time for the people I care about and do my work in that "extra" time when everything else is frozen. (HEY HIllary - next time you pause it, let me know ahead of time and i will definitely join you in "catching up".)

5. What is your "secret super power"?
AND Obviously, her superpower is perfect for an internet seller, on eBay or anywhere -

I don't know if this qualifies but I have noticed that I am rather good at making things sound better than they are. This makes me good at marketing and sales and also comes in really handy whenever I need to help someone with their resume.

Well that rounds out Hillary's visit today but we hope to have her as a guest VERY soon on where we talk ALL things ecommerce-related.

The next show is tomorrow (9/16) tonight at 8:08 PM. Come and listen as we talk to Cindy Shebley and Cliff Ennico about their new book The eBay Marketing Bible. (and Hillary as soon as we can pin her down to a time!)

And if you're having "blogger's block" and can't think WHAT to right about next? Hillary's got a whole blog post full of ideas onthe The Whine Seller so go read it! She's really very good. Oh and buy her new book for Trading Assistants. !!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Last of MY Blue Royal Lace Depression Glass

This is sort of a mourning - I have collected Blue Royal Lace Depression Glass for 34 years. I love it. I think the pattern, Royal Lace, made by Hazel Atlas from 1934 to 1941 is one of the prettiest patterns in Depression Glass or even just in the world of glass dinnerware.

Hazel Atlas made this pattern in Crystal, Pink, Green and Blue with some random pieces in other colors like Amethyst. We have a irridized amber Butter Dish bottom too. But the main colors were the first 4 I mentioned.

Tomorrow evening some lucky bidder will win the last of MY personal collection of Blue Royal Lace. It's Butterdish (aka BUTTER DISH) that is as near mint as any I have ever seen. We have had 3 others over the years and an assortment of pieces but this one was MINE. And I'm selling it since I've sold most of the rest of the collection.

One day in the near-distant future I might find another or buy one on ebay but this one has been special to me. Other than my brother and sisters, this has been with me longer than anything except my husband.

Farewell dear Butterdish - I hope your next owner loves you like I do!. Come back and be mine again if they don't!

Click here to see the - butterdish

Monday, August 10, 2009

RARE Vintage "Cat" Sunglasses! UNUSUAL!! - eBay (item 170369066282 end time Aug-12-09 19:46:51 PDT)

Oh soooooo cool! I love these - The $$$ is not in the budget right now but where there is one there will soo be another. so I'll wait!

RARE Vintage "Cat" Sunglasses! UNUSUAL!! - eBay (item 170369066282 end time Aug-12-09 19:46:51 PDT)

Science Fiction - paperbacks -

Ok I told you in the first post here, I was married to "The Compulsive Collector". Well, even I didn't realize how nuts he'd gotten. He's cleaning out the bookshelves the other day and decides certain books, which he "HAD to HAVE" just weeks ago, he's never going to read. (he doesn't like the writing or the stories...isn't that what LIBRARIES are for? to test the waters?????? HuH?)

SO this week, I'm listing his "extras" and his castoffs. I can't tell you how many copies of the same ACE paperback versions of Edgar Rice Burroughs' Pellucidar he gave me to sell. But, it's definitely more than 1.

Now I do understand the problem that when you buy multiple lots, you end up with multiples of the same book. And for some of these series (like Burroughs' Martian Series) the only way to get a complete set is to buy many multiple lots. They just don't sell as singles at a price that lets a seller make any profits after fees on the various venues. BUT.... 5 copies so far.

So why wouldn't you, as they came in, select the best version and kept that and immediately start compiling a "lot" to be resold?? I ask you?? He gives me crap all the time about shoes..well I have 17 pair but I accrued those over 35 years of working (mostly over the last 7 years of working). In the last 4 years I bought 1 pair of shoes. ONE. NOT 120.

SO.... if you're looking for reading material, come to my ebay store, click on the store category PAPERBACK BOOKS and there are about 12 lots or more of Science Fiction and Mystery/Crime/Romance well as the 500+ books I've listed so far. (with a mere 2000+ more to go- THOSE I bought to read mostly - and did mostly read. AND that collection took 54 years to accrue. - I gotta work on the shoe collection more I think. LOL

Friday, August 7, 2009

If you read a post and it's gone

It's because ebay made new rules for the EPN program and posting links on blogger is now illegal. I don't know why they don't just close the program, close the site and then see how sales go.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Barbie - The Queen of the Doll collection

Barbie in a custom made, seed pearled, Victorian costume
OOAK Barbie Doll Hand Crochet Seed Pearl Dress - eBay (item 370234595648 end time Aug-23-09 10:26:33 PDT)

I grew up too late for Barbie. I was 14 in 1962 (go ahead, I'll wait while you do the math. YES I am that old. ) But I bought a lot of Barbies for my youngest sister - who had NO clue where they are right now.

However, I've had lots of Barbie dolls the last 13 years. We originally sold toys on eBay, primarily action figures, but I always got hold of whatever Barbie Dolls my toy wholesaler could provide because the MOMS who brought their sons in to my b&m store liked to look at and frequently bought the Barbies.

The one above belongs for now to my friend Dar. I bought the holiday Barbies for both of my nieces and I bought some in Europe - and now that you remindd me of it, I'm going to go list it on ebay too - i'ts a 1996 International Holiday Barbie.

And very festive in her green velvet top and white satin striped skirt.

My favorite Barbie sayin gis "I had to grow up to be Barbie. The B*)&#) had everything. ! )

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Let's Do Lunch - boxes that is

I've got more info to show you on this but for this minute - here's a link to a story I saw on AOL this morning - about a Superman lunch box that sold for $11,500. Wish it had been mine. But even some of those plastic 1980's lunch boxes are worth reselling on ebay. For now read the story and I'll come back with more links and tips in a few...


Thursday, July 16, 2009

My Glass Whatsthis for the week! ID'd!!!

I bought this pretty piece of orange custard for 10 cents - I think at a rummage sale. It's really pretty and I thought it was maybe part of a two part sherbet (Blue Royal Lace by Hazel Atlas has some short ones that are two part but the glass part fits into a metal base and obviously THIS is a glass piece.
BUT - this morning I had one of those friendly "Ask the Seller a Question" popups on my computer screen and it was another knowledgeable ebayer who told me this is indeed a base but, it's to a Westmoreland Glass FAIRY LAMP. Now I'm not as well versed as this person but now that she's told me what it is, I can really see it. And here's my whole ebay listing with more photos. And I'm off to research Westmoreland Fairy Glass Lamps for you.

Friday, July 3, 2009

For the Love of the (Board) Game | GeekDad |

This blog post on Wired by Geekdad

For the Love of the (Board) Game GeekDad

Brought to mind how we used to have "game nights" when I was growing up. Now keep in mind, I'm talking back in the dark ages of the 1950's. Practically Medieval. We played checkers, Chinese Checkers, horserace, Monopoly, Scrabble, and something called DUTCH BLITZ.

A family friend, Miss Dolly, (reall name Ida Rae Bragg) who was my Girl Scout leader found that card game, as a self-published game, from a flea market upstate somewhere in Penna (might be Zern's in Zieglersville but frankly I don't remember).

Dutch Blitz is Solitare on Speed with 3 ofyour best friends (or worst enemies...which ever). 4 sets of cards - you take turns putting your cards out on the piles but sometimes you end up all playing at the same time. You can't put the same color twice so if 7 is yellow, 6 has to be one of the other colors, like blue. And when you can not put down one of your own cards, you have to draw. When you get rid of all the cards in the pot and all the ones in your hand, you yell DUTCH BLITZ at the top of your lungs. Then all the points are tallied and the most points wins. Til you play again. As kids we got really fast but none of us could beat my brother Dave (and later my younger brother Eddie got almost as fast- WAY faster than me.)

So, while you are "stacationing" at home, go find some old board games and start a new family legend. Dave's invincibility lasted til he met my 7 year old twin nephews from my husband's family and the two of them beat ALL of us old folks. Now where did I put that Dutch Blitz game?

Sunday, June 28, 2009

More Cats - Cat Post Cards from Louis Wain

If you go back to my first posts on this blog- I posted pictures of some of my collection of cat "things'. Well THESE are more from my husband's part. These being Cat postcards drawn by Louis Wain.

Poor Mr. Wain was slightly schizophrenic (no really he was) and over the course of his life, his original "charming" slightly weird cats became downright strange. Check out the eyes on them. Look at what they are all doing - everyone one of them is engaged in anti-social behavior (not that cats aren't capable of that but...he took it to a new level)

These are the last 3 Wain postcards I have (since they didn't go when listed for auction, I'm keeping them) - one is not signed by Wain but sure looks like his and the other two are signed right on the front. These are used with soft corners and postmarks etc. but they are still very collectible. I'll come back later today and post a link to more.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

SuperSoaker 20th Anniversary ? CAN IT BE???

Sure can - who'd a thunk it? Not me. My son had at least 3 of these...and kept them fully loaded at all times. In case we were invaded by aliens or supersoaker carrying thugs? Dunno but it's BAAAACCKKKKK!!!

Check out this anniversary edition (and buy one for you and one for Dad for Father's day- the rain has to end sometimes and water fights??? a good thing in the summer!) Or he can shoot squirrels with it...that's my plan anyway.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Handcream and new blogs and new websites

For the record, I still love the Camille Beckman handcream that I got from Kat at katskloset. For the first time in about 20 years, my fingers are healed and not chapped, chipped or cracked. And, I still have most of the tub left. It seems to last a lot longer than most of the others which I have to use repeatedly all day long. This one, 2-3 times a day seems to keep my hands from drying out. So, got to and buy yourself some. HERE are some links to her items on eBay -Camille Beckman on Ebay

I have two new blogs- John Lawson, ColderIce, told a group of us recently to only have one blog but frankly, I think the people who read this blog, might not be interested in the same topics as those who would read my Onlineselling blog - but please post your comments and tell me - should I combine all these into one?

Meanwhile here are the two new blogs right here on Blogger - and

AND the new website is almost ready for prime time. Not quite, some glitchy things with the email/newsletter handling and something I haven't figured out with the payments. BUT...soon, you'll get an invitation to a grand opening..

Saturday, April 18, 2009

OT - Kind of - HAND CREAM!

Ok so even THE Compulsive Collector won't hold hands with me any more since my hands are soooooo dry. And it's painful since the fingers crack at the slightest pressure. About a month ago a friend who sells online too sent me a tube of Camille Beckmann> Glycerine Hand Therapy.

The one I received was English Lavender but there is French Vanilla and Mango and Honey Musk and...well you get the idea.

HERE are some links to her items on eBay (there used to be links here- til eBay in its usual stupid fashion made them all illegal) Camille Beckman on Ebay And these are more of the Camille Beckman on Amazon. (so if you hate one you can shop on the other.) I LOVE this

At this point, I've been using it for about 2 weeks and my hands are much less dry, much softer and not so prone to splitting. A GOOD THING! Next time I think I'll try the Mango....

My friend's items are also in her store which is

and then there is my store -no hand cream but lots of books and some depression glass.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

LOTR, Twin Peaks, Depression Glass

I don't normally blatantly list my auctions - but frankly -like a lot of other people these days (most of them on Wall Street) I need a bailout. AND so I'm pushing up more auctions than I had been. SO, if you collect Lord of the Rings memorabilia, Twin Peaks items or Depression Glass? Come on in! I have lots for you to bid on this week!
FA:Ending soon!–60+ issues of Wrapped in Plastic, Depression Glass, Art Pottery, Signed Lord of the Rings Trading Cards – OOP set – 3 lots!

Sign up for my newsletter at

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Issue #5 Wrapped in Plastic Magazine Apr-03
Issue #4 Wrapped in Plastic Magazine Windom Earle Chess
Issue #72 Wrapped in Plastic Magazine Chris Isak
Issue #34 Wrapped in Plastic Magazine Fire Walk With Me
Issue #69 Wrapped in Plastic Magazine Bobby Briggs
Issue #33 Feb 1998 Wrapped in Plastic Magazine
Issue #32 Wrapped in Plastic Magazine XFiles Lynch
Issue #68 Wrapped in Plastic Magazine Twin Peaks Japan
Issue #31 Wrapped in Plastic Magazine TP King Arthur
Issue #66 Wrapped in Plastic Magazine Aug 2003
Issue #30 Wrapped in Plastic Magazine Unseen Twin Peaks
Issue #65 Eraserhead Wrapped in Plastic Magazine
Issue #30 Wrapped in Plastic Magazine
Issue #6 Film Threat Twin Peaks Movie Exclusive Raimi
Issue #29 Wrapped in Plastic Magazine
Issue #57 Wrapped in Plastic Magazine David Lynch
Issue #28 Wrapped in Plastic Magazine Lost Highway
Issue #55 Wrapped in Plastic Magazine Haring Theroux
Issue #27 Wrapped in Plastic Magazine Jack Nance Memory
Issue #54 Wrapped in Plastic Magazine Red Room
Issue #26 Wrapped in Plastic Magazine 10th Anniversary
Issue #53 Wrapped in Plastic Magazine Twin Peaks last
Issue #25 10-1996 Wrapped in Plastic Magazine Trigger
Issue #52 Wrapped in Plastic Magazine All Souls 4-2001
Issue #24 Wrapped in Plastic Magazine Carel Struycken
Issue #51 Wrapped in Plastic Magazine Dune River Edge
Issue #50 Wrapped in Plastic Magazine Unseen Twin Peaks
Issue #49 Wrapped in Plastic Magazine Log Lady
Issue #48 Wrapped in Plastic Magazine
Issue #47 Wrapped in Plastic Magazine Kubrick
Issue #46 Wrapped in Plastic Magazine Twin Peaks 10th
Issue #44 Wrapped in Plastic Magazine Straight Story
Issue #43 Wrapped in Plastic Magazine Kimmy Robertson
Issue #42 Lost Highways Wrapped in Plastic Magazine
Issue #41 Wrapped in Plastic Magazine Pete Weir
Issue #12 Wrapped in Plastic Magazine X Files 2nd ptg
Issue #1 Wrapped in Plastic Magazine Oct 1992 1st Ptg
Issue # 67 Wrapped in Plastic Magazine Cooper Mystic
Special Issue #75 Wrapped in Plastic Magazine 9-2005
Issue #74 Wrapped in Plastic Magazine Wild At Heart
Issue #73 Wrapped in Plastic Magazine Literary Issue

Issue #72 Wrapped in Plastic Magazine James Marshall
Issue #71 Wrapped in Plastic Magazine Laura Palmer
Issue #70 Wrapped in Plastic MagazinTwin Peaks Season 2
Issue #7 Wrapped in Plastic Magazine 10-1993 J Cruise
Issue #63 24 Garry Bullock Wrapped in Plastic Magazine
Issue #62 Wrapped in Plastic Magazine Lara & Sheryl Lee
Issue #61 Wrapped in Plastic Magazine Jules Cruise
Issue #60 Wrapped in Plastic Magazine Fire Walk Deer
Issue #6 Wrapped in Plastic Magazine Aug 1993 Wild Palm
Issue #59 Wrapped in Plastic Magazine Killer Bob Cooper
Issue #58 Wrapped in Plastic Magazine Robert Engels
Issue #36 Wrapped in Plastic Magazine Hill St Blues
Issue #35 Wrapped in Plastic Magazine June 1998
Issue #23 Wrapped in Plastic Magazine Twin Peaks Northern Exposure
Issue #22 Wrapped in Plastic Magazine Madchen Amick
Issue #21 Wrapped in Plastic Magazine Unseen Twin Peaks
Issue #20 Wrapped in Plastic Magazine Kenneth Walsh Int
Issue #19 Wrapped in Plastic Magazine Other David Lynch
Issue #18 Wrapped in Plastic Magazine Mark Frost
Issue #17 Wrapped in Plastic Magazine Harley Peyton
Issue #16 Wrapped in Plastic Magazine 5th Anniversary
Issue #15 Wrapped in Plastic Magazine Michael Anderson
Issue #10 Wrapped in Plastic Magazine April 1994
Vtg German Porcelain Yellow Cake Plate & cover Flowered
Vtg Crystal Wheel Cut Depression Glass Console Bowl
Vtg Brownie Girl Scout Pen and Pencil set Celluloid
Vtg Amber Depression Glass Console Bowl 1 Candleholder
Vintage Yvonne Talc Advertising Tin Cosmetics Vanity
Vintage Napco Japan Stick-Handled Shaker Set Rooster
Vintage 3 Pc Majolica Tea Set Bird on Bamboo Pottery
Sorrel Stallion David Grew HC/DJ 1951 Horse Story ID
Sm Vtg Weller Art Pottery Ivory 6" Jardinere Flowers
Philadelphia Phillies Pennant vintage Baseball
Ladies Metal Gold-Tone Cigarette Case Flat Wallet
Gandalf White LOTR Tolkien Middle Earth wizard figure
4 Green 1 Yellow Vtg Princess Depression Glass Cups
2 Vintage Black handled Straight Razors Germany & US
2 Sm Felt Philadelphia Tourist Bicentennial Pennents

18 Lord Of The Rings LOTRAutographed Trading Cards 76/500 OOP Mint
18 Lord Of The Rings LOTR Autographed Trading Cards 76/500 OOP Mint
18 Lord Of The Rings LOTR Autographed Trading Cards 76/500 OOP Mint
Ultramarine Swirl 12.5" Sandwich Plate depressionglass
2 Gold Stangl Pottery Birds 3401S Wren Ky Warbler 3598
2 Reverse Paintings on Glass Children Girl Angel & Boy
Amber Depression Glass Desk Tray celluloid top
Vtg Mint Stangl Pottery Bird Yellow Wilson Warbler 3597
Old Celluloid Tri-color Unmarked Poker Chips in Carrier
Vtg Green Colonial Knife & Fork 8.5" plate & B&B Plater
Vintage Women's Gold-tone Cigarette Case Flat Wallet
Napco C-4118 3D Owl Wall Hanging signed 5.5" Mint
Lady's Black & Gold Charles of The Ritz Compact Powder 95


We have a NEW store on Bonanzle. Please come shop with us there!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Wrapped in Plastic - Twin Peaks & other "weird TV"

See I learn more from my "compulsive collector" regarding collectibles and niche markets than I could learn if I went to "antiques and collecting school" for the rest of my life. SO forthwith -

Wrapped in Plastic - there are approximately 75 issues of this magazine. It's pretty much a homage for David Lynch and his various TV shows and movies.

Twin Peaks? If you missed anything at all, any wart or pimple on someone's nose it's in here. Same with Northern Exposure and X-Files.

Well CC (compulsive Collector) gave up on getting them all, read the ones he wanted to and now doesn't need the collection. SO once again I'm liberating something for him.

These are all bagged and boarded and 99% are in near-mint condition. One or two have some creasing. AND? which ever ones I don't have listed, someone else does. Now, if you miss these? I'd say start calling comic book shops locally because that seems to be where most of them that I have, came from.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Spring is in the air and so are the NCAA Elite 8 and Final Four

Sports collectibles - a great, wide category and it's amazing how many people have "sports" colletibles of one type or another.

The compulsive collector here, has or has had:
autographed baseballs
baseball cards
signed magazines with baseball or other sports superstars autographs

I have Hallmark ornments from Basketball, Football and Baseball - but I stopped collecting them long ago cause the Christmas tree was overloaded. but that brings up another category. Sports-oriented Christmas ornaments.

Then there's actual sports equipment - golf clubs, signed baseball bats, game worn uniform parts - professional or college

There's major league and minor league, there's programs, ticket stubs, You get the idea.

Well over the next couple of days I will feature and talk about some and about "what I know" about collecting them. (not as much as some other stuff but some things)

So stay tuned sports fans, the game's about to begin. ! Get your hot dog, your beverage of choice and settle in for a good one.!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

More about Arkham House Books

You might remember a couple of weeks ago I posted a quick blog about some books I was listing, that my husband collected for a while. They were published by Arkham House. They sold quite well and I'm listing a few more I came upon. (yes out in a field like buttercups.. Just happened on them. {smile}

So I figured, not only would I blog about the ones I'm selling but I would tell you a bit more about the company and their "niche market" while I was at it. So, forthwith - (or as my 5 yrold nephew says...Here we go Aunt Beth!)

Arkham House
First of all, Arkham House is still in business publishing books today. But many of their publication runs are very limited, especially those from the early years. Some books were published in quantities of 500 or LESS!

Moreover, they aren't sold in the chain book stores or "mass market" books stores. They are sold only by catalog by mail and on venues like eBay or Amazon by knowledgeable or just plain lucky booksellers.

The company was formed in 1937, when August Derleth, a close friend of H.P. Lovecraft had passed away and he wanted to publish a collection of Lovecraft's stories. After two years of rejection letters, he and Donald Wandrei published the collection himself under the name Arkham House.

So they are now in business for 70 years + and have over 230 titles published. Here are the Arkham House listings on eBay.
I have two reference books, that hubby bought when he was collecting these. They are

Here are my Arkham House listings that end tomorrow -

Later today, I will return with a list of titles and some other info. So hold on and come back shortly.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

eBetsy and eBayiana & TALK ABOUT SHOES?!!!

So last night was the Premere episode of a new, internet radio show I'm doing with Kat Simpson of (on ebay AND Amazon And Bonanzle under that id) and we interviewed and were entertained by the well-known ebayer - eBetsy of "Around the eBay World in 80 Seconds" fame.

eBetsy, besides being a trading assistant for a jewelry line, also sells for herself in partnership with her husband Jon. They sell under the monjott id and concentrate on Converse (shoes normally but right now she has some amazing Converse jackets) and also ebayiana.

Now first, I have to tell you that I'm soooooooooooooooooo jealous. This team has 10,000 pairs of Converse shoes. And she has some aluminum display pieces for Converse shoes. I just can't imagine owning 10,000 pairs of any kind of shoes. MY husband would be soooooo not understanding. LOL

eBetsy is also a ebayiana dealer - she's gotten some neat ebay memorabilia on ebay itself. Every seen an ebay skydiving helmet? Me either. And she has Meg Whitman's Nasdaq Dinosaur from when eBay became a publicly traded company. She won that on a charity auction.

The other thing this amazng person does is write reviews of books. On eBay in the Reviews section. BUT the qualifying factor is, the book has to have an eBay mention in it. And she's got over 100 of those!

I mentioned she's a trading assistant too. Check this out: acquisator's Stuff For Sale: It's a line of designer jewelry. And her client has helped her find some "shoe" charms which sort of works in with her Converse theme, dontcha know!

Here are her links:
Our Stuff For Sale (monjott): (i have to replace the linkes because of new ebay policies - Stand by)My eBay Blog:

My eBay Reviews & Guides:

This ia great episode on wsradio which they gave eBetsy to celebrate her birthday. ! Listen and enjoy it. I sure did.
eBetsy Radio

Taking You Around The World On eBay In 80 Seconds With eBetsy

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Midnight Marauder

My cats, even the live ones of which there are two, are inside cats. So who is this??

Saturday, January 31, 2009

More Cats From Hill Top Rd

My kitchen clock is cat-shaped (well one is - the other is Blue Willow but that's a whole other blogpost or 10). This Guy came from Target or as my little sister says :"Targe' " in the French... It's black modern wrought iron. And fits right in with by Black and White Embroidered mottos. (the sleigh bells came from Grandmom when my son was small and we were waiting for Santa. )

These two cats followed me home from the auction - They are also from Indonesia but they don't speak to the painted cat - And the lighter colored one must have gotten into a cat fight casue the nose and ear are mysteriously chipped and both my son and husband have denied knowing how it happened. They're about 4 1/2 ft tall but very light. I can move both with one hand when I'm vaccuuning around them.

This cat is a sort of copper-bronze thing sold at TJ Maxx and Marshall's. Hubby thought he was cute and brought him home from an auction. He hides between the sofa and the love seat in case the real cats get nasty.

The cat over there > is obviously a candle
holder...and I do use it because I love
scented candles. It actually stands about 7" high - balance is not great but it holds a votive candle or one of those tealight size candles

And for today - That's all folks...but there are more to come ... I didn't even finish taking pictures of them all.
If you'd like Cats of your own, check these Cat Collectibles.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Cats of Hilltop Road

So this is my first cat (first cause I took this picture first) I think it came from the Dollar store but might have been in a box lot from and auction - She keeps my paperclips for me.

Next we have the little cats - some are marked, some are Royal Doulton, Some are occupied Japan and some are strays who found their way here. Actually many many of them got here with help from my husband - who one day at an auction outbid me to get ALL of them. There's still a plastic shopping back full of the tiniest ones who didn't fit on this shelf. I have to find them a smaller shelf.

This guy guards my office, from the inside out. He hangs over the office door and will not let intruders leave! He's carved from wood and painted and not signed. Came from an auction so I don't know who did him.

Well, now I know who's been nibbling on the Peace Lillies! The Big Cat here, came from Indonesia. ,ade from some really light wood and painted (and her wood split...) and she guarded our antique shop from shoplifters for 2 years. She's quite the fashion plate she is. And under her is a vintage Hubley cast iron doorstop cat. She's heavy!

Green metal cat - not signed - about 12 inches high.
This one sits on the bookcases and watched the live cats' antics.

Well that's all for today - more cats tomorrow

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


The first post to my NEW semi-autobiographical blog.

Semi-autobiographical because I'm not "The Compulsive Collector" but I live with him. Married to him for 33+ years. And I know YOU. A lot of us are compulsive collectors. It's not enough to have 1, we have to have ALL the katchkes.

So I figured, I love this junk, I might as well write about it.

So join me on the journey of exploration as we look at WHAT people collect and all it's various forms.

Do you collect something? anything? Well speak up, email me and send me photos and I'll post YOUR collection here.

The first thing I collect, is CATS. (well real ones too although at the moment I only have 2 of those - Max and Cosmo). But I have china cats, cat cookie jars, cat wall carvings, cat pictures, cat mirrors, cat pins, cat earrings. I have dozens on china, wood, porcelain and rhinestone cats. I even have some "cat art work" and definitely some cat photographs. (what? you think I don't have pictures of the boys?)

Over the next few days I'll add some pictures of my cats. And also some pictures of other "cats" I own. And if you're a collector - tell me what you collect. We can talk about that.