Friday, August 29, 2014

Stangl Pottery Plates...A Flower Garden in MY kitchen

Auction Roundup

Most everyone who knows me, knows I spend most Friday afternoons and Saturdays at the local auctions.  Sunday I do fleamarkets, weather and joints permitting. 

Well, a lot of my online friends have been doing "garage sale roundups" they call them where they show off what they got in the Garage Saling adventures.  Since I don't do that, I figured I'll show off some of my favorite colletions once in a while.

So here we go:  Stangl Plates - coincidentally I wrote a little essay for the 2nd version of Janelle Elm's Home Run Guide (#2) on Stangl. You can still order, just ask me how.

These plates were all in one box for $12
- now they're all hanging on the kitchen wall - well most of them are.

 I did not id  most of these but the next to last one is Country Gardens. I have several other things in that pattern and I seem to gravitate to it. Which one of these is your favorite?

Friday, August 22, 2014

My Favorite Christmas Figures - Byers Choice !

I started seeing Byers' Choice figures at auction first, bout maybe 10 years ago and I started buying them right then. I love them. They remind me of Dickens (well of course they have a bunch of Dickens' Carolers and a series called Cries of London. You can see a ton of them on eBay even now in mid-August Byers Choice Carolers

But I also like some others, like the Salvation Army Series.
Byers Choice Salvation Army

Now this group below are mine that I have for sale - if you have questions you can leave a comment and I'll be happy to contact you. My Byers Choice For Sale