Monday, February 20, 2012

What I learned on eBay today..

1. Parker Pens sets - sell (lots of folks like fountain pens??) 3 banded is old original Parker

2. I should look for my vintage Parker T-Ball Jotter - someone gave me it as a gift, I put it away and it's good for around $40 on eBay

Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Phone Just Rang and

and my stomach rolled over (2012 has STUNK with family illnesses, family deaths, people complaining about their eBay Items) but I answered it anyway and there was this exuberant, joyous woman on the other end RAVING about her eBay item she just opened and she's THRILLED..

SO nice to hear and so nice of her to do that on the end of the week that was.... and now she's even more happy 'cause I told her were to find the artist's website and buy more! Just when you think you know it all...some one teaches you a lesson!

Monday, January 9, 2012

2012 & My Cat Collecting Continues

My friend, Danna Crawford, aka Powerselling Mom, posted this blog on PracticalEcommerce - 100 Top - Interesting eBay Categories.  And I don't disagree with her that those are interesting. In fact I found one I never really looked for on eBay - Immigration Lists  that one is fascinating to me because I do Genealogy - can't find anyone I'm related too but found some of my inlaws and outlaws relatives.

I was wondering about some of the other categories on Danna's list so I think I'll explore them over the next few months and share here... But meanwhile, I've continued to add to my "cat collection" but these were two real cats - feral kittens who are now learning how much trouble there is to get into INSIDE the house.  Here are the "Whippersnappers of Levittown"  - 2 girl princess cats

This is Whipper - she's the smaller one..but feisty - except with me. She   hates me...

This is Snapper - the bolder braver one... she only likes me when I have food or a toy in my hand.
tThey join the "Boys" - the Vice Presidents

So, you know I've been busy - the girls are only about 6 mos old now and we've only had them inside since Mid-December.  Lots of learning going on..and now I need all those tabby cat statues, postcards, pictures, art work etc. that I used to be able to pass up.

See you next week, meanwhile in comments post which categories of Danna's blogpost you like best and we can explore them!