Saturday, January 31, 2009

More Cats From Hill Top Rd

My kitchen clock is cat-shaped (well one is - the other is Blue Willow but that's a whole other blogpost or 10). This Guy came from Target or as my little sister says :"Targe' " in the French... It's black modern wrought iron. And fits right in with by Black and White Embroidered mottos. (the sleigh bells came from Grandmom when my son was small and we were waiting for Santa. )

These two cats followed me home from the auction - They are also from Indonesia but they don't speak to the painted cat - And the lighter colored one must have gotten into a cat fight casue the nose and ear are mysteriously chipped and both my son and husband have denied knowing how it happened. They're about 4 1/2 ft tall but very light. I can move both with one hand when I'm vaccuuning around them.

This cat is a sort of copper-bronze thing sold at TJ Maxx and Marshall's. Hubby thought he was cute and brought him home from an auction. He hides between the sofa and the love seat in case the real cats get nasty.

The cat over there > is obviously a candle
holder...and I do use it because I love
scented candles. It actually stands about 7" high - balance is not great but it holds a votive candle or one of those tealight size candles

And for today - That's all folks...but there are more to come ... I didn't even finish taking pictures of them all.
If you'd like Cats of your own, check these Cat Collectibles.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Cats of Hilltop Road

So this is my first cat (first cause I took this picture first) I think it came from the Dollar store but might have been in a box lot from and auction - She keeps my paperclips for me.

Next we have the little cats - some are marked, some are Royal Doulton, Some are occupied Japan and some are strays who found their way here. Actually many many of them got here with help from my husband - who one day at an auction outbid me to get ALL of them. There's still a plastic shopping back full of the tiniest ones who didn't fit on this shelf. I have to find them a smaller shelf.

This guy guards my office, from the inside out. He hangs over the office door and will not let intruders leave! He's carved from wood and painted and not signed. Came from an auction so I don't know who did him.

Well, now I know who's been nibbling on the Peace Lillies! The Big Cat here, came from Indonesia. ,ade from some really light wood and painted (and her wood split...) and she guarded our antique shop from shoplifters for 2 years. She's quite the fashion plate she is. And under her is a vintage Hubley cast iron doorstop cat. She's heavy!

Green metal cat - not signed - about 12 inches high.
This one sits on the bookcases and watched the live cats' antics.

Well that's all for today - more cats tomorrow

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


The first post to my NEW semi-autobiographical blog.

Semi-autobiographical because I'm not "The Compulsive Collector" but I live with him. Married to him for 33+ years. And I know YOU. A lot of us are compulsive collectors. It's not enough to have 1, we have to have ALL the katchkes.

So I figured, I love this junk, I might as well write about it.

So join me on the journey of exploration as we look at WHAT people collect and all it's various forms.

Do you collect something? anything? Well speak up, email me and send me photos and I'll post YOUR collection here.

The first thing I collect, is CATS. (well real ones too although at the moment I only have 2 of those - Max and Cosmo). But I have china cats, cat cookie jars, cat wall carvings, cat pictures, cat mirrors, cat pins, cat earrings. I have dozens on china, wood, porcelain and rhinestone cats. I even have some "cat art work" and definitely some cat photographs. (what? you think I don't have pictures of the boys?)

Over the next few days I'll add some pictures of my cats. And also some pictures of other "cats" I own. And if you're a collector - tell me what you collect. We can talk about that.