Tuesday, January 13, 2009


The first post to my NEW semi-autobiographical blog.

Semi-autobiographical because I'm not "The Compulsive Collector" but I live with him. Married to him for 33+ years. And I know YOU. A lot of us are compulsive collectors. It's not enough to have 1, we have to have ALL the katchkes.

So I figured, I love this junk, I might as well write about it.

So join me on the journey of exploration as we look at WHAT people collect and all it's various forms.

Do you collect something? anything? Well speak up, email me and send me photos and I'll post YOUR collection here.

The first thing I collect, is CATS. (well real ones too although at the moment I only have 2 of those - Max and Cosmo). But I have china cats, cat cookie jars, cat wall carvings, cat pictures, cat mirrors, cat pins, cat earrings. I have dozens on china, wood, porcelain and rhinestone cats. I even have some "cat art work" and definitely some cat photographs. (what? you think I don't have pictures of the boys?)

Over the next few days I'll add some pictures of my cats. And also some pictures of other "cats" I own. And if you're a collector - tell me what you collect. We can talk about that.


  1. Hey Beth! Nice blog...I'll have to send you pics of my collection(s) after we get moved, and I get all of it out of the boxes).