Saturday, January 2, 2016

I Must Be Getting Old

I have rarely ever gone to a fleamarket and NOT bought something - even if it was just a hotdog. But today I did. 

Yes, I saw things I wanted but I kept thinking of all the "stuff" here that is supposed to be listed on ebay and isn't. 

So even though I saw two pair of Born shoes for $10 ea - new, never word (and in my size!) I didn't buy them. I also didn't but the green glass etched Hat pin.. I loved it but like really...where am I going to use that?

I looked an Ungaro jacket in my size  - a mere $20 but again no sale.

What? Why?

I'm trying to be more intelligent in my purchasing.. really where would I wear the Ungaro piece?

Ok so much for reasonable, I'm doing to Salvation Army and buy something.

Friday, January 1, 2016

2016 - The First Day

2016... Already?

So I'm in a blog challenge and if you're a follower,  you'll see more activity this month than for the last year.

Here's an update on me:
I am doing way more FBA on Amazon than I was
I am finding about 1/2 my items fell "off" ebay so I'm having to relist them.
I'm still a compulsive collector so I have books in piles higher than me so I started a facebook group for selling books that aren't pricey enough to sell on ebay or amazon due to their fee structures.

I still have 4 cats - 2 boy Siamese (one of who is partially blind due to high BP - that's a whole blog post in itself )and 2 tabby girls I kidnapped from under my azalea bush in December 4 years ago.

So. that's enough for today but batten down the hatches. I'm supposed to do this every day this month!

OH! wait! do you buy books? want to sell books? Come and join me on a new adventure

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Cats of Hilltop Road Recommend...

There are four of us here - Cats we mean... Cosmo and Max are the Siamese boys and then there are two of us Girls. Mom found us under the Azalea bush after a hericane... (storm with lots of rain and a big puddle in her back yard) and now we're princesses. We tell the boys what to do but they don't always agree with us.

So, these things are stuff we like. Check it out - Chris Green wrote a book about Gray Cats, who knew? Well Max thinks that's awesome. Here's an affiliate link 50 Shades of Grey Cats
and this is other stuff we recommendThe Cats of Hilltop Rd Recommend:

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Happy Birthday Godzilla

So earlier this week, Godzilla, the King of Monsters, celebrated a birthday.  He's a mere 60 years old. Doesn't look a day over 25... and to celebrate that, a family member, who just started in ecommerce, has a new store with TONS of Godzilla figures, toys etc. 

So I figured I'd post a link to his site > TheVampireRobot and his facebook page:

Follow him on Twitter at  @TheVampireRobot (Vampire Robots)

And he's on Instagram as vampirerobots

Please go look at his website (and buy something) but also he only needs 8 more LIkes to get to 100. 



Friday, September 5, 2014

The Real Thing? or Not... Rosenthal & Versace

So a few months ago, I was at an estate auction and there were dozens of beautiful cake plates and servers.  Now I've collected china/porcelain cake servers since I was about 17.  I just like them.  I've bought them, sold them and bought them back.  You know the drill right?

Well the plates at this auction took my breath away:

These are just 3 of about 15 that were present.  The problem is, NONE of these were legitmate. They were all knock-offs. Which with a little research and some help from some ebay buyers I figured out pretty quick. The "marks" give them away and Rosental's company website was quite helpful in showing me what the real marks would look like. SO be careful out there. The same place I bought these and several other local venues continue to pass these off as legitmate even though I showed them Rosental's email stating NO they never made that. Starting with the pink one at the top which is a plate glued on to an upside down juice tumbler.  So...BUYER - Be better informed than your source. OK? (If I ever get the other computer working again, I'll pull the links and do a rehash of this subject.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Stangl Pottery Plates...A Flower Garden in MY kitchen

Auction Roundup

Most everyone who knows me, knows I spend most Friday afternoons and Saturdays at the local auctions.  Sunday I do fleamarkets, weather and joints permitting. 

Well, a lot of my online friends have been doing "garage sale roundups" they call them where they show off what they got in the Garage Saling adventures.  Since I don't do that, I figured I'll show off some of my favorite colletions once in a while.

So here we go:  Stangl Plates - coincidentally I wrote a little essay for the 2nd version of Janelle Elm's Home Run Guide (#2) on Stangl. You can still order, just ask me how.

These plates were all in one box for $12
- now they're all hanging on the kitchen wall - well most of them are.

 I did not id  most of these but the next to last one is Country Gardens. I have several other things in that pattern and I seem to gravitate to it. Which one of these is your favorite?

Friday, August 22, 2014

My Favorite Christmas Figures - Byers Choice !

I started seeing Byers' Choice figures at auction first, bout maybe 10 years ago and I started buying them right then. I love them. They remind me of Dickens (well of course they have a bunch of Dickens' Carolers and a series called Cries of London. You can see a ton of them on eBay even now in mid-August Byers Choice Carolers

But I also like some others, like the Salvation Army Series.
Byers Choice Salvation Army

Now this group below are mine that I have for sale - if you have questions you can leave a comment and I'll be happy to contact you. My Byers Choice For Sale