Friday, August 22, 2014

My Favorite Christmas Figures - Byers Choice !

I started seeing Byers' Choice figures at auction first, bout maybe 10 years ago and I started buying them right then. I love them. They remind me of Dickens (well of course they have a bunch of Dickens' Carolers and a series called Cries of London. You can see a ton of them on eBay even now in mid-August Byers Choice Carolers

But I also like some others, like the Salvation Army Series.
Byers Choice Salvation Army

Now this group below are mine that I have for sale - if you have questions you can leave a comment and I'll be happy to contact you. My Byers Choice For Sale


  1. The Byers Choice figures are really, really nice and would work well with so many holiday scenes or even individually, I think. Very pretty!

  2. Love these figures. They are perfect for that Holiday Flare. Perfectly Classic.

  3. So nostalgic! Creating Christmas memories!

  4. Really cute I love Vintage Christmas Items