Monday, December 2, 2013

What Are You Collecting This Year??

Want to revisit a portion of your youth?? Rent a 16 MM projector (or buy one at a garage sale) and buy this Patty Duke in Ben Casey from 1962  and wind back the clock 50 years. 

OMG we all wanted to be her with those bouncy curls and her movie career!! Little did we know what she'd go thru later.

BTW, the seller here BookCornerCafe   has lots more items that would make excellent gifts for folks in your world!


  1. Used to love The Patty Duke Show. This brings back lots of memories!
    Good luck with the movie reel sale!

  2. I did not grow up with The Patty Duke Show but recently have seen a few episodes on Antenna-TV. It is a really cute show and lots of fun! The movie reel sounds really neat.

  3. I really wish I had or knew someone who has a projector for this. I grew up watching Patty Duke and loved it . Then years later I find out she was married to John Aston ( Adams family ) and her son Sean played in Goonies and now The Lord of The Ring series