Friday, September 5, 2014

The Real Thing? or Not... Rosenthal & Versace

So a few months ago, I was at an estate auction and there were dozens of beautiful cake plates and servers.  Now I've collected china/porcelain cake servers since I was about 17.  I just like them.  I've bought them, sold them and bought them back.  You know the drill right?

Well the plates at this auction took my breath away:

These are just 3 of about 15 that were present.  The problem is, NONE of these were legitmate. They were all knock-offs. Which with a little research and some help from some ebay buyers I figured out pretty quick. The "marks" give them away and Rosental's company website was quite helpful in showing me what the real marks would look like. SO be careful out there. The same place I bought these and several other local venues continue to pass these off as legitmate even though I showed them Rosental's email stating NO they never made that. Starting with the pink one at the top which is a plate glued on to an upside down juice tumbler.  So...BUYER - Be better informed than your source. OK? (If I ever get the other computer working again, I'll pull the links and do a rehash of this subject.