Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Cats of Hilltop Road Recommend...

There are four of us here - Cats we mean... Cosmo and Max are the Siamese boys and then there are two of us Girls. Mom found us under the Azalea bush after a hericane... (storm with lots of rain and a big puddle in her back yard) and now we're princesses. We tell the boys what to do but they don't always agree with us.

So, these things are stuff we like. Check it out - Chris Green wrote a book about Gray Cats, who knew? Well Max thinks that's awesome. Here's an affiliate link 50 Shades of Grey Cats
and this is other stuff we recommendThe Cats of Hilltop Rd Recommend:

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  1. Tiger cat looks like my stray we adopted many years ago. Her name was Kit. She was with us many years and ate the dogs food.