Friday, January 1, 2016

2016 - The First Day

2016... Already?

So I'm in a blog challenge and if you're a follower,  you'll see more activity this month than for the last year.

Here's an update on me:
I am doing way more FBA on Amazon than I was
I am finding about 1/2 my items fell "off" ebay so I'm having to relist them.
I'm still a compulsive collector so I have books in piles higher than me so I started a facebook group for selling books that aren't pricey enough to sell on ebay or amazon due to their fee structures.

I still have 4 cats - 2 boy Siamese (one of who is partially blind due to high BP - that's a whole blog post in itself )and 2 tabby girls I kidnapped from under my azalea bush in December 4 years ago.

So. that's enough for today but batten down the hatches. I'm supposed to do this every day this month!

OH! wait! do you buy books? want to sell books? Come and join me on a new adventure

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  1. Happy New Year, Beth! Good luck on the blog challenge. I might just join. Or I might come to my senses first. We'll see!