Saturday, October 31, 2009

Easton Press Masterpieces of Science Fiction

This is actually a sort of self-serving post. Myhusband collected this entire series of books, along with many others in Easton Press's 100 Greatest Books series and also some from the Greatest Fantasy (I forget the correct phrasing but the same concept - the most important, influential books in Fantastical literature)

Like the rest of the world, we've been forced to liquidate things we'd have preferred to keep and the Masterpieces of Science Fiction is the latest "lamb" on that altar.

So let me tell you , in case you don't know, just a little about these books.

First, they are are all First Editions. They faithfully reproduced the First Edition - mistakes and all. BUT they marked them as facisimile first editions. I have only had one idiot get pissed cause he thought he was getting a real first editon. And truthyfully, many times, the Easton Press edition is worth more than the true first.

2. They have beautiful leather bindings with gorgeous blind-stamped gilt decoration.

3. The page ends are all coated in gilt and each book came with a bookplate to be affixed, and a "Collector's Notes" page.

4. The Collector's Notes explains which version of the first edition they used (meaning who owned the one they used to reproduce it) and what the author had going on in his life and his writing at the time it was published. There are folks who just collect these Notes.

5. Some copies of each book included in Easton Presses series are signed by the author. These books are also limited quantities - some particular books are so limited you might not ever get one.

And tomorrow I will be listing the last 10 from my husband's collection - so please bid ifyou're a book collector or if you need a holiday gift for a discriminating book collector.
Here's the link -

If you don't collect books or can't afford to bid, please tweet these

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