Friday, July 24, 2009

Barbie - The Queen of the Doll collection

Barbie in a custom made, seed pearled, Victorian costume
OOAK Barbie Doll Hand Crochet Seed Pearl Dress - eBay (item 370234595648 end time Aug-23-09 10:26:33 PDT)

I grew up too late for Barbie. I was 14 in 1962 (go ahead, I'll wait while you do the math. YES I am that old. ) But I bought a lot of Barbies for my youngest sister - who had NO clue where they are right now.

However, I've had lots of Barbie dolls the last 13 years. We originally sold toys on eBay, primarily action figures, but I always got hold of whatever Barbie Dolls my toy wholesaler could provide because the MOMS who brought their sons in to my b&m store liked to look at and frequently bought the Barbies.

The one above belongs for now to my friend Dar. I bought the holiday Barbies for both of my nieces and I bought some in Europe - and now that you remindd me of it, I'm going to go list it on ebay too - i'ts a 1996 International Holiday Barbie.

And very festive in her green velvet top and white satin striped skirt.

My favorite Barbie sayin gis "I had to grow up to be Barbie. The B*)&#) had everything. ! )

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