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For the Love of the (Board) Game GeekDad

Brought to mind how we used to have "game nights" when I was growing up. Now keep in mind, I'm talking back in the dark ages of the 1950's. Practically Medieval. We played checkers, Chinese Checkers, horserace, Monopoly, Scrabble, and something called DUTCH BLITZ.

A family friend, Miss Dolly, (reall name Ida Rae Bragg) who was my Girl Scout leader found that card game, as a self-published game, from a flea market upstate somewhere in Penna (might be Zern's in Zieglersville but frankly I don't remember).

Dutch Blitz is Solitare on Speed with 3 ofyour best friends (or worst enemies...which ever). 4 sets of cards - you take turns putting your cards out on the piles but sometimes you end up all playing at the same time. You can't put the same color twice so if 7 is yellow, 6 has to be one of the other colors, like blue. And when you can not put down one of your own cards, you have to draw. When you get rid of all the cards in the pot and all the ones in your hand, you yell DUTCH BLITZ at the top of your lungs. Then all the points are tallied and the most points wins. Til you play again. As kids we got really fast but none of us could beat my brother Dave (and later my younger brother Eddie got almost as fast- WAY faster than me.)

So, while you are "stacationing" at home, go find some old board games and start a new family legend. Dave's invincibility lasted til he met my 7 year old twin nephews from my husband's family and the two of them beat ALL of us old folks. Now where did I put that Dutch Blitz game?

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