Thursday, July 16, 2009

My Glass Whatsthis for the week! ID'd!!!

I bought this pretty piece of orange custard for 10 cents - I think at a rummage sale. It's really pretty and I thought it was maybe part of a two part sherbet (Blue Royal Lace by Hazel Atlas has some short ones that are two part but the glass part fits into a metal base and obviously THIS is a glass piece.
BUT - this morning I had one of those friendly "Ask the Seller a Question" popups on my computer screen and it was another knowledgeable ebayer who told me this is indeed a base but, it's to a Westmoreland Glass FAIRY LAMP. Now I'm not as well versed as this person but now that she's told me what it is, I can really see it. And here's my whole ebay listing with more photos. And I'm off to research Westmoreland Fairy Glass Lamps for you.

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