Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Last of MY Blue Royal Lace Depression Glass

This is sort of a mourning - I have collected Blue Royal Lace Depression Glass for 34 years. I love it. I think the pattern, Royal Lace, made by Hazel Atlas from 1934 to 1941 is one of the prettiest patterns in Depression Glass or even just in the world of glass dinnerware.

Hazel Atlas made this pattern in Crystal, Pink, Green and Blue with some random pieces in other colors like Amethyst. We have a irridized amber Butter Dish bottom too. But the main colors were the first 4 I mentioned.

Tomorrow evening some lucky bidder will win the last of MY personal collection of Blue Royal Lace. It's Butterdish (aka BUTTER DISH) that is as near mint as any I have ever seen. We have had 3 others over the years and an assortment of pieces but this one was MINE. And I'm selling it since I've sold most of the rest of the collection.

One day in the near-distant future I might find another or buy one on ebay but this one has been special to me. Other than my brother and sisters, this has been with me longer than anything except my husband.

Farewell dear Butterdish - I hope your next owner loves you like I do!. Come back and be mine again if they don't!

Click here to see the - butterdish

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