Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Hillary DePiano Blog Tour Questions -

Well I know a good deal when I see it so when I saw Hillary's post about her blog tour in ColderIce's chatroom last week, I jumped on it. ! Hillary kindly agreed to be a guest blogger here and TODAY is the day!!


Now, since I'm knee-deep in "fantasy bras" for the BLING MY BRA fundraiser for the Susan G Komen Foundation, which I'm organizing for October, I decided to start by asking Hillary if she had has regular mammograms, beause Breast Cancer is the #2 killer of women in this country (in February we'll work on the #1 killer)

Here are Hillary's answers -

1. Do you have a mammogram regularly - if not, why not?

I get a mammogram every year. I know how important it is to use preventative maintenance.

2. Do you know anyone who has breast cancer now or had it and recovered?

I do not know anyone who has had breast cancer.

3. If you have a daughter or if you magically inherited one, what would you tell her about breast cancer to make her aware of it as the #2 Killer of women in this country? (or would you tell her? If not, why not?_

My family has a history of skin cancer so while that is a very different animal, we definitely take care to take every precaution possible. I don't have any kids yet and probably won't for a while yet but health education will always be a big part of our family.

NOW, even though I'm consumed by the Bling My Bra campaign right now, not I decided to go check out Hillary's new site Http://www.pricednostalgia.com and her blog http://www.thewhineseller.com ROCKS so I figured she'd be a good one to ask these next two questions of, and she didn't disappoint -

4. Completely off-topic, if you were a superhero, WHO would you be?

I've always thought that the most useful superpower would be the ability to pause time like Hiro on Heroes. Then I could simply pause time, get all my work done and then un-pause so that I could enjoy time with my family and friends. It would be great to be able only use time for the people I care about and do my work in that "extra" time when everything else is frozen. (HEY HIllary - next time you pause it, let me know ahead of time and i will definitely join you in "catching up".)

5. What is your "secret super power"?
AND Obviously, her superpower is perfect for an internet seller, on eBay or anywhere -

I don't know if this qualifies but I have noticed that I am rather good at making things sound better than they are. This makes me good at marketing and sales and also comes in really handy whenever I need to help someone with their resume.

Well that rounds out Hillary's visit today but we hope to have her as a guest VERY soon on http://www.rrbradio.com where we talk ALL things ecommerce-related.

The next show is tomorrow (9/16) tonight at 8:08 PM. Come and listen as we talk to Cindy Shebley and Cliff Ennico about their new book The eBay Marketing Bible. (and Hillary as soon as we can pin her down to a time!)

And if you're having "blogger's block" and can't think WHAT to right about next? Hillary's got a whole blog post full of ideas onthe The Whine Seller so go read it! She's really very good. Oh and buy her new book for Trading Assistants. !!

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  1. Awesome blog post! I love Hillary,s site & blog.