Saturday, April 18, 2009

OT - Kind of - HAND CREAM!

Ok so even THE Compulsive Collector won't hold hands with me any more since my hands are soooooo dry. And it's painful since the fingers crack at the slightest pressure. About a month ago a friend who sells online too sent me a tube of Camille Beckmann> Glycerine Hand Therapy.

The one I received was English Lavender but there is French Vanilla and Mango and Honey Musk and...well you get the idea.

HERE are some links to her items on eBay (there used to be links here- til eBay in its usual stupid fashion made them all illegal) Camille Beckman on Ebay And these are more of the Camille Beckman on Amazon. (so if you hate one you can shop on the other.) I LOVE this

At this point, I've been using it for about 2 weeks and my hands are much less dry, much softer and not so prone to splitting. A GOOD THING! Next time I think I'll try the Mango....

My friend's items are also in her store which is

and then there is my store -no hand cream but lots of books and some depression glass.


  1. Great Post! I may have to give it a try after my current cream runs out!!!

  2. So glad it's helping! now you can teach me how to add the cool little Amazon thing!