Sunday, April 5, 2009

Wrapped in Plastic - Twin Peaks & other "weird TV"

See I learn more from my "compulsive collector" regarding collectibles and niche markets than I could learn if I went to "antiques and collecting school" for the rest of my life. SO forthwith -

Wrapped in Plastic - there are approximately 75 issues of this magazine. It's pretty much a homage for David Lynch and his various TV shows and movies.

Twin Peaks? If you missed anything at all, any wart or pimple on someone's nose it's in here. Same with Northern Exposure and X-Files.

Well CC (compulsive Collector) gave up on getting them all, read the ones he wanted to and now doesn't need the collection. SO once again I'm liberating something for him.

These are all bagged and boarded and 99% are in near-mint condition. One or two have some creasing. AND? which ever ones I don't have listed, someone else does. Now, if you miss these? I'd say start calling comic book shops locally because that seems to be where most of them that I have, came from.

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