Tuesday, March 17, 2009

More about Arkham House Books

You might remember a couple of weeks ago I posted a quick blog about some books I was listing, that my husband collected for a while. They were published by Arkham House. They sold quite well and I'm listing a few more I came upon. (yes out in a field like buttercups.. Just happened on them. {smile}

So I figured, not only would I blog about the ones I'm selling but I would tell you a bit more about the company and their "niche market" while I was at it. So, forthwith - (or as my 5 yrold nephew says...Here we go Aunt Beth!)

Arkham House
First of all, Arkham House is still in business publishing books today. But many of their publication runs are very limited, especially those from the early years. Some books were published in quantities of 500 or LESS!

Moreover, they aren't sold in the chain book stores or "mass market" books stores. They are sold only by catalog by mail and on venues like eBay or Amazon by knowledgeable or just plain lucky booksellers.

The company was formed in 1937, when August Derleth, a close friend of H.P. Lovecraft had passed away and he wanted to publish a collection of Lovecraft's stories. After two years of rejection letters, he and Donald Wandrei published the collection himself under the name Arkham House.

So they are now in business for 70 years + and have over 230 titles published. Here are the Arkham House listings on eBay.
I have two reference books, that hubby bought when he was collecting these. They are

Here are my Arkham House listings that end tomorrow -

Later today, I will return with a list of titles and some other info. So hold on and come back shortly.

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