Sunday, June 14, 2009

SuperSoaker 20th Anniversary ? CAN IT BE???

Sure can - who'd a thunk it? Not me. My son had at least 3 of these...and kept them fully loaded at all times. In case we were invaded by aliens or supersoaker carrying thugs? Dunno but it's BAAAACCKKKKK!!!

Check out this anniversary edition (and buy one for you and one for Dad for Father's day- the rain has to end sometimes and water fights??? a good thing in the summer!) Or he can shoot squirrels with it...that's my plan anyway.


  1. Do you have any for Sale ?

    I remember these with my boys drenching me at summer picnics.

  2. I am on my second time around with these, and they hold a lot more water than when my oldest was a little, the ones my 7yr old has are almost as big as him.

  3. I didn't see a supersoaker when I clicked, but I did see a Kindle I wouldn't mind having! :-)