Monday, August 10, 2009

Science Fiction - paperbacks -

Ok I told you in the first post here, I was married to "The Compulsive Collector". Well, even I didn't realize how nuts he'd gotten. He's cleaning out the bookshelves the other day and decides certain books, which he "HAD to HAVE" just weeks ago, he's never going to read. (he doesn't like the writing or the stories...isn't that what LIBRARIES are for? to test the waters?????? HuH?)

SO this week, I'm listing his "extras" and his castoffs. I can't tell you how many copies of the same ACE paperback versions of Edgar Rice Burroughs' Pellucidar he gave me to sell. But, it's definitely more than 1.

Now I do understand the problem that when you buy multiple lots, you end up with multiples of the same book. And for some of these series (like Burroughs' Martian Series) the only way to get a complete set is to buy many multiple lots. They just don't sell as singles at a price that lets a seller make any profits after fees on the various venues. BUT.... 5 copies so far.

So why wouldn't you, as they came in, select the best version and kept that and immediately start compiling a "lot" to be resold?? I ask you?? He gives me crap all the time about shoes..well I have 17 pair but I accrued those over 35 years of working (mostly over the last 7 years of working). In the last 4 years I bought 1 pair of shoes. ONE. NOT 120.

SO.... if you're looking for reading material, come to my ebay store, click on the store category PAPERBACK BOOKS and there are about 12 lots or more of Science Fiction and Mystery/Crime/Romance well as the 500+ books I've listed so far. (with a mere 2000+ more to go- THOSE I bought to read mostly - and did mostly read. AND that collection took 54 years to accrue. - I gotta work on the shoe collection more I think. LOL

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