Thursday, April 22, 2010

Who knew?? A Play...about ? FIESTA! WOOHOO!

Newspaper story about Fiesta - not mine so it's REALLY good

Ok, so I know about compulsive collectors - I married one.. I "might" be one. BUT who knew someone wrote a play about one of the objects of our affection?  Not me. BUT they did...check out that link - it's from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

More on Fiesta when I get into the garage next week and pull out the 3 vast tubs of it that are on the bottom of the back pile...for which I need the brawny strenght of my heir apparent. So in other words, I ain't moving them without help.

But there's lots of colorful pictures on that site and some more right here to hold you over.

Left is a 10"  "medium green" dinner plate (it looks olive cause it is sitting on blue cloth. YUCK don't do that! LL) and right is a turquoise Cereal bowl 5.5" across about 2" deep - I'll measure it as soon as I get those tubs out here. ... see the rings in the middle?  CLUE to age!  especially on certain pieces.

Ok, that has to hold you for a couple of days.... maybe -

Visit my website at or my ebay store at for more goodies..included some very used Fiesta.

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