Thursday, September 1, 2011

Even Collectors Can't Know "Everything" so...

You know by now, I'm terrible at keeping up with posts here.  Part of that is I'm currently overwhelmed with vintage collectibles that are my inventory for eBay selling.  But I have a resource for you that is just too good to pass up.  First a disclaimer - THIS IS AN AFFILIATE LINK! So I'm making money if you  buy this eBook or even if you buy it as a smart phone download.

That said, I still think this book will be an amazing resource. It's called The Home Run Guide and will be available as both an eBook and a smart phone download.  There are 90 topics, here are some of them:

Handbags and handbag related things
Southern Heritage Cookbooks
LongabergerGolf Collectibles
English Registry pottery
Music memorabilia
Vinyl records
Golf Collectibles

The Guide is due out in late September 2011, so, I recommend you order your "Pre-Launch" copy now at the introductory price of $25 because you know you're not gonna be happy when you come back later and it's sold out.
HOME RUN GUIDE - Pre-Launch Price

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