Sunday, June 13, 2010

Real or Repro Part 2 - the answer!

Kudos to CatLadyCate of CatladyCate's Rlegant Glass on Tias and ebay for knowing that the telltale (well one of the telltale) hints is the knob on this green Sharon "dish".   The knob on the original "butter dish lid" was so close to the lid that you really couldn't get your fingers in there to hold it well if you grabbed it by the knob.   On this one, even klutzy me could.

But this is actually a "fake" Cheese dish. I say Fake because  it was privately produced in 1976. And there are more "clues".  The reason I call it a "fake" cheese dish is the bottom.   The bottom of this is wrong - it's about 1/2 way between flat and a salad plate with a rim of glass to hold the top in place. This rim is  thicker and holds the lid in the circle better.  Well that's not how the original butterdish was. And while rumors abound of an ORIGINAL amber cheese dish, none have been reported.  The original butterdish bottom has just a slight indentation and the lids "slid" around more...which accounts for how few survived in mint condition or even how few just survived in any condition.

And further if you look closely at the picture I put here, you can see the "join" where the side  meets the patterned top.  See how thick the "seam" is at the top of the side? The original flows over without that definitive line of thick glass

So what do I recommend?? Well Gene Florence includes a definitive "REPRODUCTIONS" section in his Collector's Encyclopedia of Depression Glass.  And he expands it as he gets wind of new reproductions.   So I keep a copy of the current editon on hand for reference.

Thanks for playing along, come back soon.  I'm sure I'll think of something to write about.  Maybe the Iris and Herringbone reproduction tumblers.. if I can remember where I put them.

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