Friday, June 11, 2010

Trading Cards did not start with Pokemon!

Contrary to what my 7 year old nephew believes, collecting, and trading, TRADING CARDS did not begin nor will it end, with Pokemon cards.  In fact, Pokemon is the natural heir of the category. But cards have been collected for a long long time.  The proof is in the pudding so to speak, The first grouping of cards are "HORRORS of WAR" cards from a set produced in the late 1930's

This next set was also produced in the 1930-40 era. It's called "Scoops" but could have been called "Ripped from the Headlines" It consists of pictures that embody the headlines of the era. This one is the sinking of the Morrow Castle. It went down within site of shore with 137 people lost.

The next 4 cards are from a series called alternately SPACE CARDS or TARGET MOON and were based on the Sci-Fi of the 40's and 50's.
And the 50's 60's is represented by Trading cards from TV shows like Wagon Train, Gunsmoke and Have Gun Will Travel -

Non-Sport Trading careds as they are referred to these days continue to be a healthy collectible and the assortment available includes Tv shows, Movies and autographed versions.  The value of the cards shown here is not high dollar-wise (they average $3-4 for these sets.. SOME go higher but not most) but putting together a complete set, requires some diligence and effort.  So pick your favorite show, or movie and start collecting.


  1. Who knew? I thought it was all baseball until recently!