Thursday, July 29, 2010

More About Non-Sport Trading Cards pt 3

Webkinz Trading Card Game TCG Booster Box (36 Packs)Every time my husband decides to "pay a bill" I learn a new category of collectible.  Well this time I am sort of a learning a new one - I've written here before about non-sport cards, specifically the HORRORS OF WAR cards he sold some of several months ago. Well he's liquidating again so I'm showing you some additional versions of those cards as well as some others.

Horrors of War was a set created in 1938 and hand drawn - some of it is truely gruesome and no way would we let our kids collect anything like that today.... ? well maybe - I mean we did have the Garbage Pail kids and kids today have "TWILIGHT MOVIE TRADING CARDS" complete with Vampires.


Now sort of  in between those and the supersweet Webkinz or there are some older sets like


Those Mars Attacks are from the Original series in 1962.  and these JETS ROCKETS SPACEMEN cards which I think have great "pulp fiction" type
illustrations and color.

Ok...stand by for Part 4... meanwhile I'm happy to feature YOUR collection if you want to.  Just email me.

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