Tuesday, August 3, 2010

We're having a sale..are you sending kids back to school?

Well I call them kids cause I'm older than dirt but I was thinking of both little kids going to nursery school or pre-school and bigger noisier kids going to college??

And the reason is my friend Kathy - KDMORE-Crafts-and-more custom makes blankets, throws and lap robes.  So you could send that "most favored child back to Yale or Harvard with a blankee!!

They can have Simpsons, Horses, Motorcycles, Teddy bears or STARS!!- they can be sofa bed size... they can be just "nap" throws.

Little ones can have their favorite animated characters, including TRANSFORMERS, but also Princess Tiana, Dora, Disney or CARS! WHOA!  I want the pink ribbon one myself.

Course these can be made for Gram, Gramps or Grumpy for watching tv too - I have a red one with puppies on it...guess who uses it the most?? Yep the two siamese...

Now I'll tell you a secret - if you wait til tomorrow? It's 10% off... TEN!  (and they are very reasonably priced already. 

Go tell her  you saw it here first!!  THROWS, BLANKETS, LAP ROBES and nappers!


  1. Kathy makes a blanket that's perfect for everyone! Keep up the great job!

  2. Great blog Beth! Love your writing style :)